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Mobile-Friendly Websites Top Google’s Search Engine

Google ranks you higher if you have mobile-friendly websites. Users prefer mobile devices, and 94 percent of the organic searches come from the search engine. You not only must optimize content and website to get better conversion rates but also do well in the search engine result page (SERP) status. In this article at Business News Daily, Adam Uzialko throws light on Google’s preference for mobile-friendly websites.

Making of Mobile-friendly Websites

Google is focusing more on the mobile page load metric from 2018. If you do not have a mobile-friendly website, page ranking for all the device formats can suffer. Logical Position VP Tony Palazzo remarks, “Businesses with slow mobile sites may see a decrease in mobile organic rankings on Google.”

Finding a Way

Insert your website URL into Google Search Console to find out how your site fares. When you have a mobile-friendly website, you get better SERP rankings as well as get improved traffic. Design your website in a way that users can navigate through it easily.

Here’s how you can make Google like the mobile version of your website:

  • Check out the guidelines Google has to set up mobile-friendly websites.
  • Test your site with Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.
  • Get a Mobile Usability Report from Webmaster Tools.

Palazzo recommends using browser caching, JavaScript, CSS, image compression, and Google’s AMP pages for your benefit. You can also create a mobile app to increase user engagement with your brand.

Mobile Devices and Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is essential for businesses to thrive. Social media and email networking can work only when you have good content for the right audience. Having mobile-friendly websites increases the success rate of your digital marketing strategy. Americas at Emarsys president Sean Brady observes that email marketing produces better results than mobile, social media, and other digital promotion efforts. However, millennial users prefer interacting with their favorite brands through mobile devices.

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