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Simple Tips to Facilitate Successful KPI Implementation

Key performance indicators, often known as KPIs, are one of the most important tools that organizations have at their disposal. Though the premise has existed for a long time, it is only with the advent of the internet that its full potential has been realized. Implementing KPIs virtually has helped in measuring immensely diverse metrics such as customer acquisition and sales.

In this article at, Stacey Barr explains how to implement KPIs virtually.

Tips to Facilitate Successful KPI Implementation

Measuring Reliability

Establish measurable goals to determine whether your virtual assistant is reliable. Managing team members is definitely a daunting task for many managers. It is easier to judge an employee’s work, ethic, output, and overall performance when employees work in the office. When employees are working remotely, you must establish clear goals to measure their performance and reliability as well. 

Measuring Efficiency

One of your KPI parameters must define the reporting structure and timeline. Additionally, you must decide what’s essential for you. For instance, you must know if remote workers must maintain specific working hours or if the flexible schedule is acceptable as long as the goals are met and tasks are completed.

Provide Employees with Regular Reviews

Schedule regular reviews to assess the effectiveness of your KPIs after setting goals, establishing KPIs, and building the timelines. Your virtual assistant might complete every task you have given them, but it still might not reach your overall goal. In such instances, you must determine if you have assigned the right task to the right employee and if the quality of the work is an issue.

Besides, choose the right online tools. Ensure all your employees are comfortable with and have the basics you need. “Follow a methodology and trust it. This will help everyone focus on content and not waste time working out the process,” says Stacey. If you are curious to learn more about successfully implementing KPI virtually, click on

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