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Talent Acquisition Metrics: A Vital Need for Business Growth

Are you happy with the industry talent your recruiting team is shortlisting? The answer may vary according to different positions and your ability to afford them. Nonetheless, convincing top talents to work for your organization is a sign that your work is getting market recognition.

In this article at Forbes, Raphael Rosenblatt explains that to stay updated in an ever-competitive business world, organizations must acquire skilled staff.

Expanding the pool of talents by hiring, screening, and assigning diverse roles, you can increase your efficiency to gather the best professionals.

Workforce Diversity

To improve business productivity, diversity of work is vital as it ensures employee retention. Creating a productive workforce is not easy. It requires leadership and commitment to bring quality outcomes.

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Analyze Performance Data

It is critical to analyze the performance data of employees contributing to the company growth as it helps in addressing future roadblocks. Here are some talent acquisition metrics you can focus on to bring desired business outcomes:

  • Build a pipeline of talented candidates and keep monitoring them to avoid drip. Keep a record of those who enter the pipeline but withdraw from it for better opportunities. The data helps you get a clear picture of your present bandwidth and progress required in the future. It also helps you set a performance target.
  • Observe the conversion rate of the shortlisted candidate applications. The first round remains tricky because resumes cannot define the real potential of the candidates. Declining a candidate over resume make you lose a skilled professional. So, never overlook the interpersonal skills. You can train them post hiring to perform according to your expectations.
  • Conduct surveys to collect data about top industry talent. Hire them to work full-time as you come across the best ones. Always keep in mind that applicants have way more options than you do. Focus only on inclusive hiring. Look at the offers made and accepted by them before. It will give you a clear insight to attract the right candidate.

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