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What Makes Performance Measurement Harder?

As an organization, you will always want to make sure that you are making the right decisions based on the data. However, you need to be particularly aware of the way you prioritize and measure data.  In this article at, Stacey Barr explains a few steps that will make your performance measurement harder – and longer – than it needs to.

4 Things You Must Not Do

Getting Everyone Involved

Never get everyone involved in the performance measurement process. Remember, some people will never participate in the process until they see how measuring performance can work well. Instead, set up a team that measures the performance of your employees.

Waiting for Better Data

Waiting for perfect data means you will wait forever. It is only after you start measure; you will know what data is needed to measure your employees’ performance. Besides, imperfect data is still useful for tracking changes in performance over time.

Waiting for Implementation of New Strategic Plan, BI Systems, etc.

“Delaying our implementation of better performance measurement until our reorganization, strategic plan, business intelligence system, data collection processes, and so on, are all lined up will likely mean we wait forever,” explains Stacey. For the implementation of new processes, you will still need a performance baseline that will help you measure the impact.

Measuring Too Much

Here are some of the reasons why organizations end up measuring too much:

  • “We have always measure it” attitude
  • Micro-management
  • Data availability

Measuring too much is consuming. Therefore, be selective of what you measure.

To make performance measurement easier, ensure to choose a proven process, apply it even if it is just a single result that matters, and trust the process and follow it. To read more about the process that makes performance measurement harder, click on

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