How Do KPIs Bring Business Transformation?

Are you struggling with measuring the effectiveness of your change management activities? Well, many practitioners are facing growing pressure to build a measurement strategy into their standard change management framework. One of the most effective ways to measure this success rate is having the right set of KPIs. In this article at Key Performance Indicators, David Parmenter explains how KPIs help in transforming your business.

Ways KPIs Transform Your Business

Measuring Organizational Performance

The first category of measurement is organizational performance. Associate these measures with the project achieving the desired outcomes for the organization. Organizational performance metrics measure:

  • Adherence to the project plan
  • Adherence to timeline
  • Business and change readiness
  • Project KPI measurement
  • Speed of execution
  • Performance improvement
  • Benefits realization and ROI

Measuring Individual Performance

Measuring individual progress is a leading indicator of overall project success. You can use measures like surveys, assessments, tests, observations, and performance evaluations to measure how employees are progressing. Induvial performance metrics include:

  • Usage and utilization reports
  • Proficiency reports
  • Employee engagement, buy-in and participation measures
  • Employee feedback
  • Compliance and adherence reports
  • Employee readiness assessment results

Creates Wider Ownership at All Levels

“Performance measures communicate what needs to be done, and help staff understand what is required,” says David. The KPIs further provide staff the authority to make daily decisions to ensure progress. Delegating authority to the front line is the main foundation stone of building a strong organization.

Every organization seeks outstanding performance. Before you develop measures, understand what metrics are important for your organization, analyze what your critical success factors are, and communicate them to your staff.  To read the original article, click on

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