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Metrics: How to Build a High-Performance Culture?

Many times, when organizations plan to roll out the key performance indicators (KPIs), it is often received with a lot of adverse reactions; sometimes, even downright hostility. However, you can successfully implement the KPIs within your organization if you carefully explain their importance to everyone. In this article at, Stacey Barr shares three iterations that you must make for your metrics to build a high-performance culture.

Iterations Required for Performance Measurement

Unlearn the Bad KPI Habits

To bring about a change in the organization, it is essential to roll-out a new KPI approach. Introducing a new approach to measuring organization performance requires a lot of unlearning, such as deeply rooted bad KPI habits. This is one of the significant challenges that companies often face while implementing a new KPI approach. “It’s not a change to the logical technical systems of the organization; it’s at least half about the social systems of the organization,” explains Stacey.

Opt for Organic Approach

Start implementing the new KPI approach on one part of the organization as a pilot project. Form a team to measure the effectiveness of KPIs. The team must analyze how meaningful measures are and how engaged employees were. Share the outputs and learnings with management and other business leaders. Further, analyze the KPIs from the customer’s perspective – customer satisfaction and growth of target customers. As a business leader, you must then implement KPIs in other parts of the organization.

Make the KPIs Measurable

Ensure to make the KPI measurable and easier to communicate across the organization. The new KPI approach must provide the information specifications to data and analytics teams to build accurate reports. It must further guide them to monitor strategy execution at all levels of the organization. Additionally, make sure that implementing a new KPI approach in your organization is delivering the intended result.

The right KPIs give everyone in the business access to vital information that will help shape the company as a collective effort. To read the full article, click on

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