Metrics to Boost CEO’s Performance in a Global Crisis

A chief executive officer’s job is as difficult as it is significant. It is one of the most sought-after positions in the corporate world. Despite the luster of the role, CEOs suffer constant stress and intense work pressure. In this article at, Bruce Eckfeldt suggests three useful metrics to score high in uncertainty.

Role Scorecard

Handling multiple tasks at the same time is difficult. For the CEO, focusing on priority matters is critical. A role scorecard defines all the significant responsibilities and success metrics of chief executive officers. Thus, less risky issues take a back seat for later consideration. The CEOs must focus on creating these metrics to achieve success:

Senior Leadership Team Scorecard

As one of the most prominent metrics on a CEO’s role scorecard, it defines the proportion of leadership team members on your scoreboard. All the empty seats in the scorecard have zero value. The CEOs are responsible for designing their leadership team structure and finding the right candidates to fill the vacant positions. It inspires them to train new leaders or redefine roles to help organizations hire the best industry talents.

Customer Conversations

An organization’s growth reflects the time spent on external strategies. Often, growth is sluggish if the CEOs give up their control over operations and product deliveries. Stepping out of the office is critical to growing a business. An intimate understanding of the market keeps you future-ready. Understand your consumers and address their challenges with an effective solution. Spend time on understanding their struggles to create room for business development.

Strategic Planning

Dedicate some time to strategize and create a growth-oriented work structure. Set aside a couple of hours to focus on strategy development. Be it for data collection, valuable insight development, or future path development. You can also focus on an innovative product or service management. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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