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Strive for Business Efficiency Metrics to Maintain Safety

Often, organizations sacrifice business efficiency for security. So, a new solution with a selective approach to analyze and report success becomes a necessity. In this article at Help Net Security, Aviv Grafi suggests focusing on business efficiency metrics rather than detection metrics while developing a security policy. It would help you drive a holistic and valuable market position.

Understand the Disparity

As you learn about the vital differences between business efficiency and detection metrics, prioritizing one becomes effortless. A business efficiency metric focuses on optimizing the core performance and financial monitoring strategy. You can calculate it by:

Critical operational tasks performed/ Total revenue

The detection metrics signify cybersecurity, like spotting the range of botnet infections per device within a period. It calculates the percentage of employees responsible for vulnerabilities like a data breach. It also identifies the average rate of identifying cybersecurity issues by an IT team. Frequent cybersecurity training, email blocking, and clear communication enable you to limit the content adversely affecting the user experience and employee productivity. To establish a robust security protocol, all the non-security employees must shift attention from operational priorities to cybersecurity. Thus, the productivity speed reduces.

Such implications distract reliable resources, thereby compromising the cybersecurity program. To maintain security and business efficiency simultaneously, invest time and resources in preventing malicious activities from entering your system.

Set Priorities

Organizations can boost business growth while reducing cybersecurity risks by upholding a positive mindset. According to a recent IBM research, you have to double the discretionary rate and staff retention to foster an upbeat employee experience. Develop a work environment that nurtures positive growth with ineffective security measures. In the long run, detection metrics must work in tandem with the business efficiency metrics to optimize operations safely.

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