Understaffed? Here’s How You Can Make Your KPI Effective

One of the many challenges that project managers face is being under-resourced or understaffed. Individual workers in an understaffed organization are required to perform more work than is usually associated with their jobs. This leads to physical over-tired exhaustion that often leads to decreased productivity. So, what should you measure to fix this problem of being understaffed?

In this article at, Stacey Barr explains that the right performance measures will help in sharpening the focus and fixing the problem. Here are those measurements.

Performance Measurements for Under-Resourced

Stop the Less Important

“To reallocate time to measuring that one important thing, think about what the team can stop, suspend, shrink, or streamline,” explains Stacey. Ask yourself:

  • Can you suspend routine tasks temporarily?
  • How much data collection can be stopped to prioritize the most important tasks?
  • Can you delegate any task to other teams, temporarily?
  • Is there any task that you can shrink?
  • Is there any task that can be automated?

Measure Waste to Increase Efficiency

Most often, organizations complain of being understaffed. However, only sometimes, it turns out to be true. The wasting of time and effort are the primary process constraints. As a business leader, create a process design that will highlight the time spent by your employees on rework, waiting, and redundancy.

Measurement Process Must Be Easy

Adopt a lean KPI methodology (a simple and practical way for busy and budget-constrained to measure what matters for business performance) to create the best performance measurement.

  • Pick a measure that is very useful to your business.
  • Monitor these measurements in simple spreadsheets.
  • Collect the data from a simple random sample, rather than a detailed one from everyone.

Good performance measures will undoubtedly drive change in the team’s performance and process, especially when the teams are understaffed. To learn about more KPI methodologies for your understaffed organization, click on

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