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New Metrics to Improve the Future of Work

There is a significant shift happening in the top organizations that would transform the way people operate in the corporate world. No, we are not talking about any aesthetical changes, but a permanent shift to remote locations. Big brands like Twitter and Square have offered forever work-from-home options to their employees. In this article at Forbes, Rita Selvaggi defines how a new approach could help enterprises lift their business and quality standards. Most of you have started working from a remote location long before the epidemic, but some are experiencing it for the first time.

Cultural and Operational Shifts

Apart from health benefits to employees, the new metrics would reduce operational costs. Thus, the unprecedented alliance between organizations and the staff has established a cultural shift. Managing and retaining employees from diverse locations and time zones is easy if communicated seamlessly.

Reinvent the Future

Digitization has proved promising in the crisis. What better time than now to leverage automation? An appropriate IT infrastructure is crucial to maintain the work-life balance. Thus, the future demands shifting to a new mindset and metrics, which is ‘automated productivity.’

The New Metrics

Daily productivity is a matter of concern for the employees getting familiar with the work-from-home scenarios. Monitoring the hours spent on work to produce desired results becomes necessary. Indeed, investing multiple hours in front of your laptop does not prove you are productive. Embracing automation not only streamlines several tasks, but it also gives insight about the hours spent logically on producing significant results.

The future demands transformed employee engagement. A lot of your staff members are not fit for the remote work setup. However, digital data insights may help them deliver constructive work that improves productivity and optimizes scalability.

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