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Optimize Digital Performance in the Crisis

Digital transformation has taken a front seat in the coronavirus-affected world of business. Organizations are reviving their digital strategy and rarely are taking frequent initiatives to scale up. Thus, to boost customer appeal, offering exceptional digital experience becomes critical. In this article at Security Boulevard, Stephen Stierer suggests performance optimization metrics to keep a close watch over user experience (UX).

The Act of Balancing

Digitization has left a lasting impact on the user’s mind. Performance optimization could help you balance the act of online responsiveness. According to a Google report, about 40 percent of brands go back to their previous web performance after six months.

Indeed, controlling, evaluating, upgrading, and sustaining a website’s performance is not easy. Follow these performance optimization metrics and execute the right elements to boost your product’s digital performance:

Page Weight Metric

The page weight assessment validates the speed of downloading or browsing pages on your website. These metrics are significant for web developers and designers. Minor tweaks corresponding to the web optimization may prove substantial in achieving user satisfaction.

Baseline Metric

The metric is beneficial in determining a baseline to boost digital performance. To do so, evaluate the web page load time and size of other assets. The metric regulates high testing standards and identifies if the performance limits are met. Nonetheless, assessing the unknown is impossible. So, apply real user monitoring (RUM) to observe your website’s user performance.

User Experience (UX) Augmentation

Invest in a framework that helps you get frequent updates on user experience and website page monitoring. It can also help you detect your online venture’s relevant metrics while assessing conversion rates and website ratings. Keep exploring the routes to improve the user experience while optimizing your website performance.

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