Provide Exquisite CX by Tracking These Metrics

Customer satisfaction that was once a buzzword has now become a standard. Failing to measure customer satisfaction is similar to asking them to unsubscribe from your service. If you offer an exquisite experience for all customer interactions that matter, you will undoubtedly win as a brand. In this article at Forbes, Daniel Newman explains the metrics companies should be focusing on as they try to improve customer experience (CX) during COVID-19.

Customer Experience Metrics to Track

Customer Reviews

Customer feedbacks are the valuable nuggets that will tell you how a customer’s experience with your brand was. Measuring customer feedback will help you resolve the issues that customers face for a positive experience. “Make it a common policy to survey customers regularly and adjust your protocols as much as possible based on what you learn,” says Daniel.

Purchase Data

Create a new post-COVID baseline of purchase averages to track how well your customer experience initiatives are performing. Determine if they are improving or remaining stagnant. These metrics will help you get a holistic idea of how your customer experience efforts are working for both your customers and your organization.

Behavioral Analytics


  • How your customers interact with your brand
  • When they visit your site
  • What actions do they take
  • How often do they start an action – such as a purchase

Information in this category will tell you a lot about the experience that your customers are having on your site. Tracking customer behavior will allow you to create a site that is more intuitive and user-friendly. Ultimately, this will help you increase your conversions.

Customer Churn

Often referred to as customer attrition, measure the rate at which customers choose to stop doing business with your brand. On average, an organization or brand loses around 15% of its customers each year. Reducing churn to a level that is lower than your competitors will certainly put you ahead of the game.

Measure these metrics regularly so that you can determine how your organization is working towards creating a better customer experience. To read the original article, click on

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