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Want to Repair Toxic Work Culture? Use These Metrics

A business crisis is probably one of the biggest threats to the success and progress of a company. The damaging events will undoubtedly tarnish the company’s reputation, ruin the business operations, and have a negative impact on the finances. In crises, you must use metrics to encourage the behaviors that support survival and stop those that thwart it. In this article at, Stacey Barr explains why it is important to use metrics to drive away behaviors that promote toxic work cultures.

Behaviors Typical of Toxic Cultures

  • The first sign of a toxic workplace is that managers and employees make up two separate groups that seldom interact. They fight over the limited resources rather than working together to solve the problem.
  • Another sign of toxic workplace is fixating on trivial metrics rather than making fundamental improvements in the metrics that help the organization through a crisis.

How Do Metrics Help?

The trouble with toxic behaviors continually pushes the organization to make the changes that are required to survive in a crisis. Therefore, you must use performance measurement in such a way that makes metrics a tool in employees’ hands.

  • Metrics must encourage collaboration: Do you want your team to act as a cohesive unit, measure that. Your employees will behave in accordance with how they are measured. Therefore, be smart when setting up performance measurements and focus on those factors that will encourage the members to collaborate.
  • KPIs must be result-oriented: Set targets for all measures associated with your organization. Review each target to ensure that they are linked appropriately, and strategy focused.
  • Metrics must measure progress: This means there must be room for improvement. Informal meetings and formal appraisals provide an efficient and direct way of encouraging and monitoring the progress of individual employees.

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