How to Build a Data Owner’s Engagement?

Data is valuable. When data is only used for fraud prevention, risk management, and compliance-related activities, its tremendous potential goes unnoticed. Also, often the owners of KPIs are not the owners of its data. How should you ensure that data owners deliver? In this article at, Stacey Barr shares some tips to build the data owners’ engagement.

How to Engage Data Owners?

They Must Understand Business Goals

You must:

  • Explain the meaning and importance of your business goal that the KPI is monitoring.
  • Allow them to see a bigger picture of how your performance measurement works.

Invite Their Input

Allow your data owners to see the thinking behind your KPI and invite their ideas about the kind of data available. Walk them through your performance measurement process and ask for their inputs on your potential measures’ feasibility. This will help you eliminate KPIs parameters that depend on harder-to-provide data. Involve data owners in fine-tuning your KPI calculation and data requirements. Ask them to provide their feedback and understand what might be a better way to implement the KPIs.

Give Them the Ownership

To know what works the best, ask the data owners to lead the data collection process design. Create a flowchart that brings each KPI to life and ask the data owners to identify the steps performed by them and those steps that demand additional resources. “Given that many data owners also work in the business process that KPI measures, invite their input to cause analysis and performance improvement using the KPI,” says Stacey.

With these measures, ensure that data owners buy into the ‘why’ before they turn up for the ‘how.’ To read the original article, click on

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