How to Implement Positive Behavioral Metrics?

Using comprehensive behavioral metrics is a common practice in many organizations. But, it might lead companies to miss out on the value that positive behavioral metrics can provide. So, what are positive behavioral metrics, and how are they beneficial for business? In this article at Business2Community, Jonathan Fries explains how positive behavioral metrics can boost your team’s morale.

Why Should You Implement?

“If there is a true behavioral problem on the team, chances are leaders are aware and need to deal with it. In a robust organization, negative actions must be dealt with immediately,” says Jonathan. The positive metrics act as a counterbalance. Positive behavioral metrics will also help the managers identify those employees who are not a source for inspiration for others. Managers and business leaders must ensure to link the positive behavior to the company vision and guiding principles. A strong vision and mission serve as barometers and benchmarks.

Effective Tips to Make it Work

Positive behavioral metrics must include:

Thank-you notes: Appreciating employees’ effort by sending handwritten thank-you notes will be very effective and provides a personal touch.

Personal recognition: According to a study conducted by Forbes, over 80% of employers are more motivated when they feel appreciated, 71% of highly engaged employees work at organizations where peers are recognized at least monthly. The study also revealed that engaged employees are proven to be 31% more productive. Therefore, project managers and business leaders must acknowledge the positive action.

Reports: Reports encourage employees to evaluate the data, especially around review time.

These simple metrics wouldn’t cost your organization and will help in building a lot of energy. Positive behavioral metrics will provide a holistic type of approach to metrics and helps the managers and leaders in identifying and tracking progress and wins from every angle. To read the original article, click on

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