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IT Metrics: Formula to Avert Productivity Missteps

Mistakes can happen anytime, but they disappoint when occurring in the realm of IT. Perhaps picking the wrong IT metrics to measure productivity is one of the most common mistakes organizations make. In this article at the Enterprisers Project, Pasi Nikkanen outlines the factors hampering the IT services team’s scope to outshine.

Operational Approach

Enterprises usually count on metrics to assess their services. They may look promising from a KPI perspective, but not per the end-user requirements. Thus, consumers remain unhappy and share negative feedback. IT metrics help you add value to your services. To main your brand reputation while saving time and productivity, you must avoid some common mistakes. Let’s take a look:

Productivity Vs. Results

Observing output alone may not suffice end-user needs. They are already experiencing your services. Evaluating the outcome is more significant because it brings valuable returns. You can initiate and deliver unique services to the end-users if you aim to improve ROI. Keeping customer satisfaction a primary goal is essential to advance services. It enables you to strategize smart and deliver valuable outcomes.

Openness to Feedback

There is no better way to gather consumers’ opinions about your product or services than feedback. How can you fix loopholes without knowing them? Your team deserves to know the positive or adverse reactions of the consumers. Feedback is most certainly intimidating, but it helps gather end-user experience and offer them an improved solution. Sharing customers’ opinions with the team also help in maintaining transparency at work.

Definite Team Goals

Evaluate your team’s performance per the end-user experience. The approach may Be discouraging for the team, but you will clarify the emerging gaps. Be it communication, coordination, client requests, briefs, or the team’s understanding of the requirement, any loophole may cause unsatisfactory results. Avoid the wish to assess your team’s performance until you improve and get positive feedback from the end-users.

Incentives Over Penalties

Instead of micromanaging your team members or highlighting their flaws, lure them with the opportunity to outpace others. Healthy competition at work can bring much better outcomes. Offer incentives to encourage your team members as well.

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