Swipe Out Brand Awareness Myths and Get Real Insights

Brand awareness gives clarity about your market reputation. For instance, how well the customer recognizes and correlates with your products or service offerings. Brand awareness plays a significant role in the buyer’s journey. The myths surrounding it undervalues publicity. In this article at MediaVillage, Graeme Hutton debunks the myths of reinforcing brand awareness.

Key Performance Indicator

Generating awareness for your brand is a significant yet deceptive KPI. You have to thwart multiple roadblocks to accomplish desired goals. Observe these myths about brand awareness that uncover the most confusing reality:

It Is a One-Sided Deal

Focusing on only one aspect of awareness is an inconsiderate move. Quantity would surely hamper quality promotion. Multiple promotion stunts may prove resourceful in getting recognition. However, it will be a failure if you cannot change people’s perceptions. The quality of advertising is to ensure competitive value and uniqueness. Thus, always measure the ‘what’ along with the ‘why’ of the brand. The awareness metric signifies factual and unstated purpose.

Ad Recall

In the advertising world, reviving a fading campaign is a smart idea but not a lasting one. Ad recall is valuable to a certain extent, but not always. Insightful advertising draws a significant value in the marketing and promotion world. It illustrates the inherent reaction of the viewers and makes the advertisement remarkable.

One-Size-Fits-All Metrics

‘Top-of-mind awareness’ or ‘TOMA’ is a publicity ploy to retain longer in a viewer’s mind. Advertising does this by relating a product or service to the daily activity of your consumer. TOMA aims to trace brand effectiveness but with limitations. It is an unpredictable approach to measure your brand’s marketing accomplishments, which is not suitable for all campaigns. To initiate a compelling brand awareness routine, you must start customizing your marketing and advertising KPIs and the campaign goals.

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