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Are Social Media Metrics Misleading You?

Social media metrics have become instrumental for businesses that want digital success. According to HubSpot, 74 percent of companies across the world are investing in social media campaigns. In this article at CMSWire, Kaya Ismail shares the five social media metrics that could be misleading you without your knowledge.

Tips for Social Media Metrics

English Blinds senior marketing manager Polly Kar recommends having a ‘big-picture approach’ to social media’s data collection. According to her, “concentrating on just one metric will always provide a misleading impression of the real state of play.” Bailey & Associates marketing director Sam Maley also explains that all your campaigns and engagement efforts should ultimately convert to sales. So, here are the five misleading social media metrics that experts have seen businesses use:

Page Traffic

While you might have an impressive page traffic, it does not indicate that your viewers like what they see. Ensure they comment, share, and read to include them as viewers. It is one of the social media metrics that needs proper analysis before you conclude on a number.

User Engagement

Are you meeting the requirements of the customers? If you satisfy their wants, they will engage. When your content is not appealing, the user engagement rate will fall for your website. So, measure this metric with other crucial metrics for better visibility.

Viewer Likes and Followers

Shoo Social Media founder Chris Morris thinks that likes and followers are vanity parameters. You might find one of these social media metrics to have great results. However, they do not assure that you could convert them into a product sale. Instead of the number of likes, concentrate on the number of conversions.

Brand Reach

Companies believe in the metric too much, according to Maley. Sure, people are liking your posts, responding to them, and even sharing once in a while. Are they increasing your sales numbers? If not, then the brand reach metric is not working for you.

The Alternative

Assisted social conversion is an analytics metric that keeps an eye out for people who have initially interacted with you for a brief period. This type of social media metrics helps to understand where you are adding the real value.  

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