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Measure the Health of Your Business With These Metrics

Every business must track metrics. Successful companies monitor far more than the return on investment. They work towards improving the overall growth to enable their company to grow. What are the metrics that you must track? Why are these metrics important? In this article at Forbes, the authors explain metrics that business owners must review to get an accurate picture of their companies’ health.

Metrics for Business Owners

Customer Lifetime Value

It would be great to acquire loyal customers who regularly buy from your business. At what point is the cost of acquiring customers overshadowing the revenue they generate? Customer lifetime value answers your question. This metric allows you to determine each customer’s financial worth and identify the most valuable customer segments.

Viable Clients

“Identify a segment of clients and prove that you can not only draw their business but can also retain it,” explain the authors. This is the most critical metric in attracting viable clients as will allow you to track the client revenue and growth. The metric will also help you profile the ideal clients in other industry segments.

Gross Margin

This is a crucial metric for new business. This metric helps new organizations reflect on improved processes and production. It’s equivalent to measuring your organization’s productivity in numbers. You can enhance your gross margin by making both your sales and production processes more efficient.

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

This metric tells how much money it costs for you to acquire a customer from your marketing efforts. CAC reflects if you need to cut down on your marketing efforts or leave out a costly marketing channel that fails to deliver the expected conversion rate. Further, you can evaluate whether you are experiencing a long-term trend or a short-term spike.

With the right metrics for your organization in hand, you can steer your enterprise towards achieving your goals. To read the original article, click on

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