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What’s the Impact of COVID on Performance Measurement?

The impact of COVID-19 on employee’s professional lives and business priorities is forcing business leaders or talent management leaders to change the performance review process. How do you make performance goals fair and meaningful in this topsy-turvy, ever-changing, uncertain-future environment? In this article at, Stacey Barr explains how COVID-19 has changed performance measurement.

What Are the New Priorities?

“It’s about telling us how far we are from our goals and whether our actions are moving us closer to those goals. It’s the goals that a crisis will influence, not the measures,” explains Stacey. The new approach to performance management must be collaborative, adaptive, and individualized based on conditions on the ground.

Agile Goals

The current disruption and uncertain future of our business landscape require a more agile approach to goal setting. Goals must be adjusted to focus on business needs and how employees can best deliver value to the organization. Managers must have the flexibility to tailor goals to their teams and individuals as their work changes. Business leaders must also ensure the goals posts don’t move at the last minute, without warning.

Meaningful Communications

The measurement will be around the conversations that establish a collaboration rhythm and create shared accountability for performance and development. These conversations are just more than talks as they have different purposes at daily, weekly, and monthly intervals.

KPI Struggles

As crisis demands more resources and time, the measures organizations focus on must help them solve their problems. However, organizations face obstacles while changing the performance measures that are in sync with the current scenario. Some of them include:

  • Difficulty in finding a meaningful measure
  • Getting employees to buy-in measuring
  • Collecting and analyzing the data
  • Getting approval from senior management

Organizations are undergoing the journey of evolution in adaption to the virtual workplace with a distributed workforce, and so is the performance measurement during a crisis. To read the original article, click on

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