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Reasons Why Your Website Has a High Bounce Rate

Does your website continuously hit a high bounce rate, even if you are doing everything by the book? It is a worrying matter because that will decrease your sales rate and website’s online reputation. Why not find out the underlying reasons? In this article at TechBullion, Evie Harrison shares the reasons why you might be having a high bounce rate.

Reduce High Bounce Rate

When numerous visitors leave your website page as soon as they land on it, you get a high bounce rate. Attention span is decreasing every day despite companies publishing more quality content. Viewers do not want to stay on a site that does not appeal to their taste. So, you must learn how to hold on to their flighty attention. Learn what is making them leave the site in the first place:

Poor Page Load Time

Viewers like websites that load in a matter of seconds. Does your website take more than a minute to load? Check your web traffic to understand why you have such a high bounce rate. Generally, websites with a 2-second load speed have a 9-percent bounce rate. The rate increases to 38 percent when the page takes 5 seconds to load.

Inferior Content Quality

Your content attracts visitors to your site. When it fails to engage them, they leave. To avoid a high bounce rate, check for conspicuous errors like spellings, research quality, and the website’s overall look and feel. Update the old content while uploading new ones.

Technical Errors

You might still suffer a high bounce rate despite having high-quality content on your site. JavaScript malfunction, 404 errors, etc., can drive viewers away. Regularly check through a guest user account how the site behaves with an average user. Run periodical audits to evaluate website functionalities.

Wrong Audience

Are you sure your content is right for your prospective audience? You are talking about the new product on the site, but your advertisements still display an old event. Your contact form is landing the visitors on a different service offering page. Have everything pointed to one product so that viewers do not feel distracted or confused.

Not Optimized for Multiple Screens

By 2025, 2 billion people will access the internet using smartphones. Update your site so that your potential audience can view it from any device. That will prevent your site from having a high bounce rate in the long run.

Not User-Friendly Enough

Does your site have a lot of advertisements running in between the content? Are the tabs opening after several tries? If viewers cannot freely explore your site, you are bound to encounter a high bounce rate. Instead of throwing multiple campaigns at them, let them explore the site before providing them a personal experience.

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