Did You Ever Measure These Customer Experience KPIs?

Do you find it hard to locate appropriate customer experience KPIs for your company? According to KPMG’s Global Customer Experience Excellent report, “The link between customer experience and business performance tends not to be understood.” So, you are not alone in your confusion. In this article at CMSWire, Dom Nicastro shares the right customer experience KPIs that you must measure.

Choosing Customer Experience KPIs

Many companies are satisfied with the monitory net promoter score KPI, but that is not enough. Define KPIs that would reveal your customer sentiments, satisfaction, engagement, adoption rate, and revenue. Let’s find out the customer experience KPIs you should keep a close watch on:

Critical CX KPIs

  • NPS: You cannot ignore the net promoter score yet. It is still one of the foolproof customer experience KPIs available in the market. You want your existing customers to recommend your product or service to their affiliates. It reduces your customer search efforts to an extent.
  • Unsolicited Compliments: Did you just get a “Thank you” comment on your blog or site post? Has a client forwarded a compliment for your service? This KPI converts these seemingly intangible remarks into positive results.
  • Repeat Customer Rate: Customers will hardly come back to your site after a bad first-time experience. So, if their purchase frequency is between 20 and 40 percent, you can consider them as repeat customers.
  • Ticket Resolution Time: Resolve customer queries within 24 hours. If the issue is resolved soon after the first call, you are doing great. So, concentrate on increasing your first call rate (FCR) and lowering average handle time (AHT). The more issues you resolve on the first call, the lower the total call volume. These are interrelated and effectively improve your other customer experience KPIs.

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