How Is Your IT Service Delivery Performance?

The faster you implement changes, the better your IT service delivery performance becomes. The results look promising—superior operational efficacy, cost savings, and happier customers. After all, no customer wants to call up the help desk several times, nor does the agent like to stay with the same issue throughout the day. In his blog article, Bernard Marr shares the KPIs that can improve your IT service delivery performance.

Measure IT Service Delivery

Two IT KPIs can do the trick for you—service quality (SERVQUAL) and first call resolution (FCR). Here are some details:


This parameter measures your IT service delivery quality by comparing customer expectations with what they actually get. Use the RATER method—reliability, assurance, tangibles, empathy, responsiveness. Through this approach, you might find out the following loopholes:

  • The management and customer expectations are different when it comes to IT service delivery.
  • Even if the organization learns about consumer needs, they do not use those as the service benchmarks.
  • There is a difference between the service quality requirements and service delivery.
  • Agents cannot reach the target number of customers if they resolve only 10 percent of the first call issues.
  • Consumers do not enjoy the service experience because of the first and fourth challenges.

Out of the 22 questions, SERVQUAL asks two to the consumers and allows a rating between 1 to 7, where 7 means you have met the highest expectation level. Using 100 points for each of the RATER elements, you can deduce a perfect result for IT service delivery performance.


Are you effectively solving customer issues on the first call? Compare the number of calls you received in the agent logs against the ones that were resolved on the first call itself. You can use the following formula:

FCR = Total number of calls resolved at first call/Total number of calls × 100

However, do not rely too heavily on this KPI for IT service delivery performance. For example, if the owner’s manual is not clear enough, you might get more calls. So, dig deeper to determine the real issue.

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