Human Metrics: An Indispensable Way to Manage People

The global pandemic has changed the way people interact and work together. In the new virtual setup, you can record every meeting and conversation to measure daily productivity. Indeed, advanced technologies have transformed business acumen, but massive data collection has become a risky business. In this article at Forbes, Eric Mosley explains the significance of human metrics to overcome the challenges of new business complexities.

Virtue of Humanity

IT and business leaders always keep humanity at the top of their KRA list. Nonetheless, teamwork, innovation, empathy, and adaptability are just mere words until appropriately applied. You must observe and execute them to win employee trust. Encourage your associates by acknowledging their effort and reward them whenever possible. Initiate employee training programs to maintain standardization.

Better HR Operations

Despite human resource departments becoming more advanced with data administration tools, security compliance is far more crucial now. The new-age HR has the power of data to develop strategic work goals. With a suitable candidate tracking system, HRs can monitor any top industry talent’s daily activities. They can collect real-time data to discover, nurture, and underline the human qualities vital for the resource’s career growth. However, all this is possible only when humans interact with each other rather than with machines.

Gauge the Inestimable

Advanced data practices made the human resource’s job simple. Natural language processing is an example of innovative communication tools used by HRs to disclose unintentional bias. By evaluating the natural language of an individual, they can find the qualitative disparities in mentoring. Also, it enables HRs to see if managers are helping or discouraging new hires. The HR team can eliminate gender biases by monitoring the manager’s behavior.

Backed by the power of data analysis and advanced technologies, human resources can honor the most significant asset to their organizations- the employees. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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