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Which Corporate Goals Should You Measure First?

You might have several corporate goals to look after, but what should you prioritize in the project development cycle? Having too many goals is like having too many options to choose from in a departmental store. It is easy to get confused and misdirected. In her blog article, Stacey Barr shares how to prioritize corporate goals and measure them.

Corporate Goals for Measurement

According to Peter Drucker, “the key to strategy is omission”. Apply this strategic plan when you are sifting through myriads of corporate goals. Barr suggests that you use three questions to understand which product goals should be your focus now:

  • “Is this a result that we should improve?
  • Is this a result we can improve?
  • Is this a result we will improve?”

This ‘Should, Can, Will test’ is part of the Measurability Tests method.

Answers to Queries

  • The ‘should’ question must help filter in the corporate goals you need to address now. You can push back the rest of them to be addressed for later. Sometimes, all of them seem important, but our attention span is short, so prioritization is critical.
  • The ‘can’ query should help you understand the corporate goals that might not be your primary concern. However, you can influence stakeholders to achieve those early for broader and long-term benefits. Before you dive in, understand that you might not even have complete control over the results.
  • The ‘will’ question can enable you to realize if your efforts and influence would help teams reach the product goals. It also depends on your resource and time management capabilities. According to Dean Spitzer, “it’s ultimately the will that’s going to determine whether we do it.” So, you must know that you would commit to achieving the intended corporate goals before you go ahead with the plans.

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