How to Measure Customer Experience Beyond NPS

Organizations want to know how loyal their customers are and how likely they are to recommend the products and services in future. Measuring customer experience (CX) with Net Promoter Score (NPS) is considered the best practice for companies. However, it has its limitations. In fact, no single metric will give you a complete picture of the customer experience. In this article at Forbes, Greg Kihlstrom explains why NPS should not be the only method of measurement for CX.

Limitations of NPS

NPS is Not Specific Enough

NPS will undoubtedly help you understand customer loyalty. However, it does not explicitly identify why your customers may be detractors. To learn why your customers do not like certain aspects of your company, products, or services, you must follow up with more specific market research surveys or customer satisfaction surveys. “NPS is not all bad, but it isn’t an ‘end-all-be-all’ to solve your customer experience challenges,” says Kihlstrom. The author also suggests using NPS as one of the elements in your array of customer experience measurements.

NPS is Nothing without a Plan

The Net Promoter Scores that your business receives are like a mirror of your company. Sending out an NPS questionnaire is a significant step to understanding customer loyalty. But, to make the NPS survey more effective, prepare yourself with a follow-up plan. For example, if your scores come out low, what must be your next step? Will you send out detailed surveys to identify the specific issues? Ensure to map out a customer experience plan to address the issues revealed by your NPS.

A disciplined and compelling customer experience measurement program is essential for companies to understand what strategies work and what must be improved. Experts believe that taking a holistic approach to measure CX will help you understand the current market trends and also enable you to plan for the future. Additionally, it will assist you in building a full-featured CX solution that keeps existing customers satisfied.

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