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Are Vanity Metrics Misleading Your Business Growth?

Entrepreneurs often brag about massive data, but that is a sign of traction and not actual business growth. The harsh reality is that most of the data you are using to evaluate the progress of your venture is the outcome of misleading vanity metrics. The only metrics that entrepreneurs must focus on collecting enable you to take calculated risks and smart decisions. In this article at Medium, David Pereira explains how vanity metrics distract you from real insights.

Data Implementation

Often, people misunderstand the role of data and its execution for improved decisions. It is highly essential to understand what to ignore and preserve in data management. Be careful when you analyze the data outcome while averting the pitfalls. Vanity metrics are risky because they can misguide you with remarkable data. However, they cannot prove if your venture is sustainable. The only advantage is that you can show off your high score on social media to beat your competitors. Most marketers are thrilled to see growing unique users and reduced bounce rates.

Falling Behind

A trailing metric indicates the actual condition of a venture. Timing is crucial, and measuring the revenue using a metric takes time. You must evaluate the entire sales funnel to calculate the profit. By the time you draw the accurate data, you miss the chance to accomplish the annual revenue goal. Nonetheless, many companies keep focusing on lagging indicators that define an already occurred incident as ongoing happening.

Quantifying revenue is essential for a venture, but concentrating only on digital data is a mistake because it leaves you vulnerable. The ideal approach should be to identify the factors that can increase revenue and measure them to strategize ways of improvement. Investing time to decide what to assess is crucial for a sustainable business. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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