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Can Story Points Be Used for Team Productivity?

Does your team often round up story points to increase their scorecards for a sprint? If you want to appropriately measure team productivity, you cannot cluster the decimals and move to the following higher number. So, what is the accurate way to map your team’s workflow? In this article at Mountain Goat Software, Mike Cohn discusses measuring team productivity using story points.

Team Productivity Parameters

How have you measured team productivity to date? For instance, do you calculate the percentage of product backlog items your team members worked on and successfully delivered? Or do you draw out the rate of items actually completed against what was expected in that stipulated timeframe?

Leverage Relevancy

You should not heavily depend on team behavior because Cohn observed, “Teams will alter their behavior on those as well though so they can be gamed and misleading.” However, you can use story points as one of the metrics to collect results after completing an iteration of your sprint.

For instance, a sandwich salesperson can make 200 sandwiches in a day, but there are not many takers. The real productivity would be how fast the person delivers sandwiches when clients order. Similarly, you can measure team productivity using story points based on the team’s response rate for client deliverables. For instance, log the time when product backlog items are assigned to the team and then monitor team members’ time to complete those tasks.

You can further categorize the time mapping by using the following factors:

  • How long does the team take to complete items in an iteration?
  • How long it takes the crew to hand it over to the customers?

Keep in mind that these team productivity factors will depend on the frequency at which your share deliverables to your clients. However, the second factor is not relevant in some of the deliverables.

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