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Worried About Content Performance? Track in 7 Ways

Most content performance metrics are nothing but vanity metrics. Do not fall into that trap. Then you would be moving away from your original goals. Though there is no sure-fire way to have tangible results in these areas, workarounds can help with the analysis. In his blog article, Neil Patel shares seven metrics to discover your content performance.

Detecting Content Performance

Content Traffic

The more enticing your articles, advertising elements, and campaign packages are, the more traffic you get on your website or blog. Your content performance would decide the engagement and conversion rates for your services and products.

Search Engine Results Page Ranking

The SERP ranking is an excellent way to understand your content performance. However, it is not an actual metric that you can measure over time, but it lets you know how well your content is doing across the world or region.

Time Spent on Site

Mention the amount of time it would take to reach each of your articles right in the beginning, for instance, six minutes. This transparency helps more people invest time in your content. Keep in mind that the average read time of an adult is 275 words per minute. Have a great headline to increase your session rate.

Pages Per Visit

Are your pages interlinked? Do your readers get recommendations about other articles when they are on a particular topic? Help your readers access more content to increase content performance with easy, click-through buttons.

Returning Visitors

According to Patel, “Content is a lot like a meal. The best honor you can bestow on your host is to go back for more.” Ensure that the first content you serve must be enticing enough for the second round of reading. Direct traffic would help you determine your returning readers.

Social Sharing

Do you want your readers to engage with your campaign, website, or blog? Your content should be valuable enough for them to invest more time. When visitors see the value, they share, and that increases your content performance.

Social Platform Clicks

Link clicks are the ones that you should monitor to understand the number of visitors reading your posts. Post clicks can include extraneous clicks like visitors expanding to read comments or looking at the post images. However, if your headline is raising their interest level, you will have more readers.

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