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Does Your Company Have Happy Employees? Find Out

Nearly 52 percent of the U.S. working professionals are not engaged, and 18 percent are actively disengaged, per a recent Gallup study. Interestingly, annual performance evaluations are not enough to determine the number of happy employees. In this article at Growth Institute, Verne Harnish shares how you can figure out if your company has happy employees.

Discover Happy Employees

You need to make a conscious weekly effort to find out if staff are satisfied with the organizational culture. For instance, Apple and Rackspace leverage the employee net promoter system (eNPS) to find out if they have happy employees. You can ask questions like if workers want to recommend their friends or family to join the company.

Higher Engagement

Once you start measuring how many happy associates your company employs, the engagement will increase. Ensure that your surveys are anonymous and there are tools to provide you better visibility of the acquired information. Keep changing questions to discover the drivers of happy employees. For instance, you can inquire if they want to stay with the company for another year or if the manager’s team management skills are counterproductive.

Feedback Discussion

What do you do with the data after running the employee surveys? Use it to start up a conversation during meetings and then make the necessary changes. This will encourage more people to come forward and share their thoughts. It is better to face negative feedback than have high performers leave the company.

Daily Mood Count

You do not have to make it formal to learn about employee happiness. For instance, conduct an anonymous survey through an in-house company app asking how someone is feeling that particular day. This is a great way to find out if you have happy employees.

Non-Digital Alternatives

Have a simple suggestion board near the break room or in the corridors. Staff can leave suggestions as to what the company can do to get happy employees. You can then discuss these requirements with management to include in your HR policies, if possible.

Faster Responses

It is no use if you keep collecting the data but do not put it to any use. Keep making changes while the data is accumulated via tools or systems. You will have happy employees if you care for their opinions.

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