Does Your Leadership Speech Improve Metric Results?

Though your leadership speech might inspire employees, they ultimately just try to stay up with their monthly work quotas. So, are your talks aligned with the metrics that measure company growth? If you are not inspiring people to improve those company metrics, you are not helping the organization at all. In her blog article, Stacey Barr shares how your leadership speech should help improve metric results.

Linking Leadership Speeches to Metrics

You have heard leaders say something in front of their associates to get them invested in the company’s vision. But ironically, it can have the opposite effect. Some stakeholders actually withdraw support after hearing a company leadership speech. If you do not want to be one of those leaders, your speech must be firmly synced with your company vision, strategies, and measuring parameters. Test if your leadership speech is agreeing with the company’s performance metrics using the following tips:

Alignment Review Tips

  • Identify how the organization is faring when it comes to achieving objectives, upholding principles, purpose, and vision. There should be a positive surge in productivity after your leadership speech.
  • Figure out the metrics that other leaders use to understand company efficiency. Keep in mind that you will not find these in company budget plans or project reports. Leaders use them for their individual understanding of organizational growth.
  • Analyze if those collected metrics are really capable of measuring the goal they are assigned to calculate. They should show accurate results to help you find out if your leadership speech was inspirational.

Time to Improve the Speech

If you cannot find a metric that measures how well your talk helped employees move ahead, you have not succeeded. If you are not confident about the goal of the speech or see only positive results from a metric and no negatives, your speech actually confused the listener. Furthermore, if metrics become the goals instead of the milestones, your employees now believe more in achieving the targets than the company vision. When you encounter these issues, restructure your leadership speech to directly connect the message to the metrics. This will help staff members clearly tie their actions to the success of the company.

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