New to KPIs? Tips to Encourage Team Acceptance

Is your team new to KPIs? You will face resistance if you have not previously introduced the measurement parameters. Since benchmarking your company performance is altogether a new thing, you must carefully and methodically broach the subject. In her blog article, Stacey Barr shares how you can get teams to accept the parameters when they are new to KPIs.

Frameworks to Use If New to KPIs

There are several ways to calculate the performance of your team. You might have already started using one to get results. However, try the Competing Values Framework once. Based on the model, Barr defines four types of culture and how you can introduce the team to the parameters if you are new to KPIs:


Is your team newly formed? Chances are everything is dynamic, and you hardly have time to measure the staff’s performance. Do not merely calculate how many initiatives you have taken up. Find out how much profit the company has earned because of these initiatives. Your team’s research would further enhance and align itself more the next time you measure for results.


A collaborative team will empower each other. However, if the team members are new to KPIs, it would seem you are putting performance pressure on them. Assure that they are being measured for the collaboration efficacy and that these parameters will further help increase the team’s rate of success.


Though quite a popular feature in a controlled team, KPIs are not often appropriately measured. So, you must select relevant parameters to display so they can see improved results when they meet their deliverables.


This is another type of culture that is heavily dependent on KPIs and metrics. But more than the team being measured collectively, managers analyze individual performance. So, your focus should be to let the entire team focus more on teamwork than their personal career growth.

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