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Performance Metrics to Increase Employee Efficacy

Performance reviews enable employees to regularly improve their productivity. This helps organizations enhance their overall capabilities and strive to be market leaders. This is possible by mapping staff efficiency with performance metrics. In this article at The Hartford, find out the performance metrics that are instrumental in increasing employee productivity.

3 Performance Metrics

Your employees must be made aware of where they are lagging or showcasing higher performance than others. This enables them to align their efforts to individual career growth. Additionally, employees’ interests may shift over the years. So, you should have regular checkpoints with the staff to understand what work motivates them. Your improvement initiative might be for a tangible enhancement like increasing sales numbers or about improving soft skills needed for customer relationships.

Here are the performance metrics that will help you increase employee efficacy:

Standard Parameters

  • Productivity – No matter the position, you have specific targets to fulfill and highlight your value to the company. Your efficiency in delivering work should increase as you become more experienced in your job. This metric allows management to know how productive an employee has been in a given timeframe. The results are primarily numeric. For instance, the number of features a staff member developed.
  • Efficiency – This is one of the performance metrics that reflects how you have decreased your errors and saved company resource hours. It can also be about how you reduced company costs by finding more effective ways to work.
  • Training – Companies conduct training to enhance employee skills. But did the acquired knowledge translate into an improved working style? You can understand if the training helped the staff by sending out surveys or running a test after a workshop.

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