Should A Start-up Go for a Full-sized ERP?

Start-ups usually face the obstruction of instituting a global team. Pedro Barros, Chief Finance Officer of workforce software company ‘Remote’, aspired to modify his team’s operations by employing a full-blown SAP ERP system. In this article for CFODIVE, Robert Freedman shares how Enterprise Resource Planning should be accessed for global recognition.

Focus on Your Vision

Your vision somewhat determines your decisions and the urge to amplify your business on the global front. Talking about his start-up ‘Remote’, Barros shares that the idea of initiating a global phenomenon faced numerous obstructions regarding taxes and other professional compliance regulations specific for each country. To keep a check on the legal framework and broaden the business, Barros collaborated with the best people in the industry, did his homework, and changed his vision into reality.

Induce a Sense of Liberation

Things might get tricky when your start-up is operating under different time zones and varied professional capacities. To integrate such a wide-encompassing panorama into the business, you should provide the employees with a sense of flexibility. By this affirmation, they can deliver their best work and involve themselves not just as an employee doing his job but as an overall contributor to the business.

Be An Early Bird

It is crucial to be familiar with your business idea. Getting in touch with the best people in business, figuring out the manufacturing, sales, or marketing plans, and doing the research work for the nations you want to set up your business in are some of the crucial subjects you should have an answer for.

Getting started with an out-and-out ERP is not possible for every start-up. However, every start-up needs to have a global mindset to make their brand an international sensation.

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