Get Acquainted with Outputs, Outcomes, Impacts, and KPIs

Are you familiar with the key performance indicators (KPIs) of your business? Can you measure the outcome of your work without KPIs? By evaluating the elements responsible for your business growth, you can overcome roadblocks to your efficiency to achieve remarkable results. This blog article by Jeff Gothelf defines the facts about outcomes and outputs. The variations of definitions available online can confuse you. So, learn about the fundamental terms to use at the right moment.

The Perfect Fit

Many professionals are still unaware of the meaning of the terms ‘output’, ‘outcome’, ‘impact’, and ‘KPIs’. To reduce your doubts, let’s take a look at each term to effectively align it with your work goals:


It is the amount of effort you make to achieve a solution, content, service, project, program, or policy. Output is the productivity that defines the outcome of your working hours. You create products by putting your energy and time into them. In turn, consumers invest money in those products.


It is the result that defines the value of your output to end-users. The outcome is the answer to your daily effort that turns an innovative idea into a finished product. Outcomes are not product features but metrics to upgrade an existing product or project into a new application. It measures the accomplishment of your output or productivity.

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Use the power of metrics to ensure your venture’s well-being. Benchmarking terms comprising sales, revenue, ROI, customer satisfaction, and churn rate impact your endeavor. A retrospective of the already performed activities and execution of great ideas that yielded incredible results are impact metrics. They define a roadmap to achieve success in the future.

Key Performance Indicators

KPIs are similar to impact metrics that define measures necessary to improve the economic condition of your venture. Despite the similarity in the outcomes, KPIs determine the key elements driving your venture’s growth.

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