How to Select Your KPIs the Right Way

Keeping an individualistic view on each KPI is one of the ways to improve your performance at the primary level. In addition, it is equally important to focus on the context of KPIs. For an enterprise, the goal should be focused on producing sharp and contextual KPIs. In her article, Stacey Barr talks about ways to stop people from manipulating their KPIs.

Limit the Number

Barr states that you should limit the number of measures per goal to a maximum of three. She asserts that if you need to develop more than three aspects to showcase convincing evidence of its accomplishment, then it is not an ideal situation. It fails two measurability tests in such a situation: it is either too ambiguous or being pushed to encapsulate several objectives into one statement.

Prevent Inefficient Performance

Objectives that do not perform well on measurability tests are open to both interpretation and misinterpretation. Subsequently, they don’t provide a clear perspective for the KPIs you have chosen to focus on. If progressing without the context, you might run the risk of your performance being gamed.

Fix Gaming

Gaming should be fixed right in its initial phase by experimenting with continuous improvement. It should be kept as the main objective of the performance measurement. The rest of the guide points should focus on applying the KPIs that move forward with the correct behavior.

If you strive forward with the true purpose of measurement in your mind and focus on the contextual KPIs, the team will not need to manipulate or distort their KPIs and measures. They will use their KPIs to target their optimal overall performance.

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