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Simple Ways to Measure Your Employer Brand Success

Nearly 75% of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before they even consider applying for a job. Therefore, many organizations are making efforts to build and strengthen their brand. How can companies measure their brand success? In this article at Bernard Marr & Co., Bernard Marr shares some tips on how you can measure your company’s branding success.

Employer Branding Metrics to Measure Success

Spread Awareness

It is essential for your audience to be familiar with your company as a place to work. One of the most trackable ways to do this is through social media. Here are three types of awareness engagement that you must look out for, in order of impact and importance:

  • Like a tweet or update: Posting an update not only reinforces awareness, it shows their network that your brand is worth their time.
  • Reply to a discussion post: Analyze if you are asking the right questions to elicit an emotional or intelligent response?
  • Repost: Whatever you are posting must be helpful, have value, and must entertain or inspire others to share with their networks.

Quality of Hire

The quality of hire metric helps you determine whether you are attracting the kinds of candidates that fit in nicely with your existing mission, culture, and values. Different organizations have different ways of measuring the quality of hire. But, analyze how long an average hire remains as a productive member of your organization. If your new hires are leaving after a month then there is a disconnect between how you are representing yourself and the reality of your corporate life.

Measuring the Employee Experience

“Employee engagement, satisfaction, and happiness are key areas to measure here. Typically, this involves analyzing data from employee surveys and exit interviews,” says Bernard. To do this, you must understand the employee experience.

To measure the success of your brand, you must determine the right combination of employer branding metrics that will help you optimize your activities and track your goals over time. To read the full article, click on

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