Resilience: A Missing Chord in ESG Metrics

The COVID-19 pandemic has overturned worldwide business operations. Now, all the companies are focusing on environmental, social, and governance (ESG)…

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How to Measure Customer Experience Beyond NPS

Organizations want to know how loyal their customers are and how likely they are to recommend the products and services…

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Is Salary Benchmarking Beneficial for Your Organization?

Employees are the greatest asset for any organization. Companies spend between 50 and 80 percent of their gross revenues on…

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Feedback-Driven Metrics: Key to Business Growth

In the search for the right metrics to scale business, companies often ignore what is right in front of them.…

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Are Financial Metrics Liable for Curbing Innovation?

Innovative ideas take time to flourish. Harnessing metrics at an early stage can cage your thoughts right before they start…

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Ways to Set the Right Targets for Your KPIs

Setting up a performance management system in your organization can be a complex process that demands a considerable amount of…

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PMO Dashboard Metrics to Sustain Project Performance

Businesses embark on the project management journey to earn profitable returns, but failures lead to massive disruptions. Companies waste an…

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How to Choose KPIs that Reflect Strategic Priorities

If you are managing a team, then you have heard of key performance indicators (KPIs). A good KPI acts as…

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How to Create the Best KPI Dashboard for Business

At a glance, it is easy to understand why a KPI dashboard will benefit your organization. This is a central,…

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How Is Your IT Service Delivery Performance?

The faster you implement changes, the better your IT service delivery performance becomes. The results look promising—superior operational efficacy, cost…

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