Benchmark vs. KPI: How Do You Differentiate?

Benchmark vs. KPI—you use them both, but can you really tell the difference between them? You are not alone; leaders…

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Why Benchmarking Your Business Process is Crucial

Are you looking for ways to improve the performance of your business? Well, benchmarking is your solution. You can apply…

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What Decides the Success of Your Business?

How do you measure your businesses’ success? To run a successful business, you must thoroughly analyze the work, sales, and…

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Why Are Customer Retention Metrics Truly Essential?

Keeping a watch over your progress is the initial step to make strategic efforts for improvement. The more efficiently you…

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Define Your Data Items Well To Achieve Success

Most successful organizations have built their operations around data-driven decision-making processes. Today’s business leaders demand a vast amount of information…

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Key Performance Indicators: Tool to Revive Brand Value

Product managers and marketers know the significance of observing the brand’s progress amid growing pandemic woes. Key performance indicators (KPIs)…

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Reevaluate Customer Experience to Expand Clientele

The global pandemic has transformed personal and professional spaces worldwide. The stay-at-home directives pushed organizations and the workforce to drive…

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Leadership Metrics: Evaluate It to Improve Benchmarks

Can you assess leadership? Do you evaluate your performance as a leader? Even if your answer is a yes, you…

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What’s the Impact of COVID on Performance Measurement?

The impact of COVID-19 on employee’s professional lives and business priorities is forcing business leaders or talent management leaders to…

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Measure the Health of Your Business With These Metrics

Every business must track metrics. Successful companies monitor far more than the return on investment. They work towards improving the…

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