Benchmark vs. KPI: How Do You Differentiate?

Benchmark vs. KPI—you use them both, but can you really tell the difference between them? You are not alone; leaders…

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Did You Ever Measure These Customer Experience KPIs?

Do you find it hard to locate appropriate customer experience KPIs for your company? According to KPMG’s Global Customer Experience…

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What’s the Role of Employees in Business KPIs?

Planning is the key to business resilience. This knowledge helped many organizations survive a turbulent 2020. However, the pandemic has…

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How Is Your Omnichannel Customer Experience Faring?

A positive omnichannel customer experience enables a brand to improve its reputation in the industry. So, you cannot leave any…

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Assess the Pulse of Your Company Via Employee KPIs

Employee KPIs are crucial for any human resources team. It helps in evaluating the performance of each individual working for…

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KPIs to Gauge and Boost Customer Experience in 2021

Do you analyze customer feedback to learn about their preference? Do you know the value of customer experiences (CX) for…

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How Can KPIs Nurture Brand Value in Global Pandemic?

Every passing day, the weight of the novel coronavirus epidemic is bowing the world down. In tandem, global corporates are…

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KPI Score: Key to Sustain Business Growth in a Crisis

Your daily actions decide whether you are moving in the right direction. To achieve a long-term goal, you must get…

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Swipe Out Brand Awareness Myths and Get Real Insights

Brand awareness gives clarity about your market reputation. For instance, how well the customer recognizes and correlates with your products…

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Why Should CEOs Remind Teams of KPI Relevancy?

CEOs often Fail to assess their key performance indicators (KPIs) and struggle to overcome emerging challenges. The overwhelming numbers are…

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