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Worried About Content Performance? Track in 7 Ways

Most content performance metrics are nothing but vanity metrics. Do not fall into that trap. Then you would be moving…

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Readymade KPI Challenges That Nobody Talks About

There are several KPIs available that you can use. However, all of these parameters are not custom-made for you, so…

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PMO Dashboard Metrics to Sustain Project Performance

Businesses embark on the project management journey to earn profitable returns, but failures lead to massive disruptions. Companies waste an…

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Measure Customer Lifetime Value to Recover Losses

Customer lifetime value (CLV) and engagement go hand in hand. CLV has a direct impact on revenue as well. Organizations…

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How Is Your Omnichannel Customer Experience Faring?

A positive omnichannel customer experience enables a brand to improve its reputation in the industry. So, you cannot leave any…

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Reasons Why Your Website Has a High Bounce Rate

Does your website continuously hit a high bounce rate, even if you are doing everything by the book? It is…

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Are Social Media Metrics Misleading You?

Social media metrics have become instrumental for businesses that want digital success. According to HubSpot, 74 percent of companies across…

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Do You Know Your Leading Indicators? Decide Now

Most of you know what you want in the long-term for your business, but are you aware of your leading…

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Calculate Marketing ROI Based on These 3 Metrics

Among all the return of investment measurements, marketing ROI is the hardest to measure. Why, you ask? You do not…

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Ignore Marketing Gimmicks, It’s Time to Focus on Key Metrics

Marketing gimmicks start with a robust strategy, selection of right metrics, and a clear vision to ensure if your route…

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