Business Metrics

Should ROI Be a Learning and Development Metric?

Many organizations consider ROI as a relevant parameter to measure the performance of their initiatives. However, it was the least…

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Readymade KPI Challenges That Nobody Talks About

There are several KPIs available that you can use. However, all of these parameters are not custom-made for you, so…

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Why Companies Should Have Different Metrics

Do you measure the sales team performance the same way as your IT team? Besides, no two companies should have…

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Can SaaS Metrics Improve Annual Recurring Revenue?

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) and annual recurring revenue companies (ARR) are distinct from each other. SaaS organizations generate revenue for offering services…

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Which Corporate Goals Should You Measure First?

You might have several corporate goals to look after, but what should you prioritize in the project development cycle? Having…

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Feedback-Driven Metrics: Key to Business Growth

In the search for the right metrics to scale business, companies often ignore what is right in front of them.…

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Measure Customer Lifetime Value to Recover Losses

Customer lifetime value (CLV) and engagement go hand in hand. CLV has a direct impact on revenue as well. Organizations…

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Dive Into Data: Formula to Improve Business Metrics

Data plays a significant role in measuring and monitoring the fall or rise of a venture. Most software-as-a-service (SaaS) enterprises…

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Reasons Why KPIs are Crucial for Your Company’s Growth

Measuring the progress of your business is a challenge that many companies avoid monitoring. According to studies, almost half of…

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How to Choose KPIs that Reflect Strategic Priorities

If you are managing a team, then you have heard of key performance indicators (KPIs). A good KPI acts as…

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