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Does Your Company Have Happy Employees? Find Out

Nearly 52 percent of the U.S. working professionals are not engaged, and 18 percent are actively disengaged, per a recent…

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What Makes Performance Measurement Harder?

As an organization, you will always want to make sure that you are making the right decisions based on the…

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Talent Acquisition Metrics: A Vital Need for Business Growth

Are you happy with the industry talent your recruiting team is shortlisting? The answer may vary according to different positions…

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Here’s How HR Professionals Can Benefit From Workforce Analytics

An organization’s workforce is vital for its functioning, but they are one of the most complicated sides of operating a…

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How is Technology Impacting Recruiting and Retaining?

The hiring process in recent times is very different than it was a decade ago. Today, we are in a…

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Recruiting Metrics That Matter While Measuring Success

To measure the effectiveness of your hiring strategy, you need more accurate recruiting metrics. This data is invaluable when you…

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Track Employee Engagement Metrics to Retain Talented Staff

Employee engagement metrics are the best to find out the effectiveness of an organization with the probability of recommendation by…

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Steps to Make SMB Recruiting Better and More Efficient

SMB recruiting is an important activity because good hires help small businesses grow faster. In this article at LinkedIn, find…

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Find Out Here If Your Onboarding Process Is Working Fine

A successful onboarding process paves the way for better resource optimization and aligned productivity. Gartner says that you can improve…

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3 Key HR Metrics to Improve Your Workplace Diversity

The HR team and business owners are working towards increasing workplace diversity. However, without an inclusive mindset, you cannot promote…

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