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4 Ways to Find Out Your Employee Engagement Level

The success of companies depends on their employee engagement level. Highly engaged workforce think of the company growth as their…

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10 HR Metrics the Top Leaders Are Actually Interested In

You worked hard collecting data from HR metrics, yet the top leaders seem disinterested. The problem is, your metrics are…

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Identify Where Your Company Stands in Terms of Employee Satisfaction

With millennials and Gen Z filling up your workspace fast, employee satisfaction will decide your business growth in the future.…

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Are You Recruiting the Right Candidates? 5 Ways to Find Out

There are several ways to find out if you are recruiting the right candidates. Metrics and KPIs are the primary…

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How to Evaluate the Performance of Project Managers: 6 Ways

It is hard to evaluate the performance of project managers as they add qualitative value to the team. With the…

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How to Measure HR Performance for Current Businesses Sensibly

For HR performance, not only do you need to factor in metrics based on the industry but also your business.…

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5 Ways to Improve Recruitment Process Results This Year

You can hire the best candidates when you have data to measure results in the recruitment process. Moreover, as per…

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How Effective Are Your Training Programs? 10 Tangible Tips

The success of training programs is difficult to understand as it depends on several factors. The quality of training materials,…

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5 Ways to Track If You Have a Thriving Work Culture

Today’s SMBs are finding out that they need to establish an innovative work culture to achieve success in business. So,…

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9 Great Ways to Understand Employee Engagement

As per the recent Gallup studies, companies with high employee engagement perform better than their competitors by 147%. Sadly, 87%…

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