Software Metrics

Performance Metrics to Increase Employee Efficacy

Performance reviews enable employees to regularly improve their productivity. This helps organizations enhance their overall capabilities and strive to be…

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Why Companies Should Have Different Metrics

Do you measure the sales team performance the same way as your IT team? Besides, no two companies should have…

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10 Identity Metrics to Measure IAM Performance

Identity and access management solutions are difficult to manage, so you need identity metrics to measure their performance effectively. People…

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Why Is Selecting the Right DevOps Metrics Crucial?

Often development teams struggle to classify the KPIs that demonstrate the significance of the DevOps on the business. Inability to…

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SEO: A Success Metric to Lead in the Digital Arena

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important marketing strategies of digital transformation. A keyword is used to…

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Learn to Earn with Google Ads Metrics

The key performance indicator (KPI) is a smart metric used in the IT industry to track the work in progress.…

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Impact of Transformation: Draw the Real Picture

Transformation is as good for an organization as rest to body and mind. It encourages people to get personally involved…

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5 Recommended Software Metrics for Development Projects

Software metrics figure out the performance and quality of the software or the team. Agile development teams require a different…

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Understand Your Business’s Network Performance in 7 Ways

There are several NPM solutions out there to analyze network performance. There are metrics too to find out the state…

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3 Tools to Speed Up DevOps Lifecycle Without Pulling Out Your Hair

All developers know all too well how frustratingly slow DevOps lifecycle can be. You are ready to deploy features until…

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