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Pick the Right Metrics to Monitor Live Chat

Live chat is nothing extraordinary but somewhat similar to a phone call. However, what you may achieve by measuring live…

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4 Quick Tips to Measure Test Automation Performance

Test automation lowers your downtime and enables human resource productivity. To choose metrics for its performance, you must think in…

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Why You Should Measure Company Performance the Right Way

When your company performance matches customer expectation, you get double match points—customer loyalty and multiple brand voices. You must know…

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5 Ways Leaders Can Weigh Decisions Before Implementing Them

The new era needs leaders that can back their decisions with statistics. Your leadership experience has enabled you to trust…

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5 To-Do’s for Successful Agile Software Development

Though there are tons of metrics to measure the progress of agile projects, all of them may not be applicable.…

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3 Templates for Project Managers to Track Down KPIs

KPIs assist you in understanding how your organization, business unit, or team is performing. Should they be derailed, these indicators…

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Is the New Technology Boosting Company Performance?

We cannot live without technology. With digital natives releasing new innovations every other day, our expectation is only going higher.…

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How to Measure Software Quality: 5 Quick Tips

When it comes to software quality, the ultimate goal is to prevent customers from coming back with bad reviews. It…

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Is Your Privacy Safe with Software Vendors?

Everything you do now goes to the cloud. Whether you save trip photos in Dropbox, ping on WhatsApp, like on…

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3 Service KPIs Companies Should Be Tracking

Services team takes the centerstage for SaaS companies as they create products or provide services as per customer needs. Also,…

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